Gorgeous makeup looks for glasses


When you wear glasses, eye makeup may be difficult business. you have got to avoid very little make-up specks on your lids and lenses, and take into thought your eye form and glasses form to form your peepers pop. uncalled-for to mention, finding the correct eye makeup for glasses challenges all of our makeup skills. to assist out, we tend to known as upon our favourite glasses-wearing makeup creative person, Bobbi Brown, to share a number of her best eye makeup tips and tutorials for glasses wearers — straight from her book, Everything Eyes. Here, her high makeup tips for glasses — and also the eye makeup appearance to avoid.

Your Basic Eye Makeup outfit

 In “Everything Eyes,” Brown explains the challenges of createup for glasses: “Glasses positively make a mode statement, however your eyes will wander off to a lower place your frames unless you regulate your makeup.” Here, she lays out the clean minimum eye makeup you would like with glasses to create positive eyes stand out:

  • Eye shadow that matches your hair color to fill in brows [a brow pencil works too]
  • a light-weight base color eye shadow for the complete lid — from lash line to brow bone, and a medium color for the lower lid — from lash line to crease
  • Gel liner on the highest lash line
  • Powder liner for the lower lash line
  • 2 coats of waterproof make-up

Makeup Do: regulate

 Your makeup to Your Frames once you are applying makeup for glasses, Brown recommends lining each your higher and lower lash line with makeup. “It’s vital to create positive there’s a balance between the definition of your frames and your eyes,” she expalins. If you are carrying thicker frames just like the ones pictured here, plow ahead and draw a thicker line at your lash line. For dilutant frames, use dilutant makeup.

When it involves make-up, persist with your high lashes only carrying glasses to avoid a smeary mess. Another massive helper: Waterproof make-up that will not transfer to your glasses. attempt the new Lancome Definicils Waterproof High Definition make-up ,

Makeup Don’t: Overwhelm

Delicate Frames additionally to border thickness, take into thought the colour of your glasses. If you’ve got pastel or nude glasses, select similar shades for your eye makeup. “Choose softer colours for shadow, and make the definition with a dark liner and make-up instead,” says Brown.

That being aforementioned, softer makeup does not imply no makeup for glasses-wearers. “Most girls suppose that their glasses can hide their eyes on days after they do not feel like carrying any makeup, however in truth, they solely draw a lot of attention to them.”

Makeup Do: Color

Coordinate the colour of your eye makeup should not vie or clash with the colour of your glasses. “If you wish to try and do constant color as your frames on your eyelids, attempt a base hue that is a shade lighter, and go a couple of shades darker for the crease color,” says Brown.

Makeup Don’t:

Skip the Concealer a crucial factor to notice once applying makeup for glasses: Your specs will highlight and draw attention to beneath eye circles and discoloration, thus always remember concealer beneath the attention and in creases. For longer-term correction, attempt one in every of these super concealers with skin care advantages.

Makeup Do:

Maintain Your Brows “Brows frame the face and add each polish and definition,” says Brown. “They ought to be formed and outlined, particularly once carrying glasses.” savage brows will build your glasses overpower your face, or worse, draw major attention to your but pomaded eyebrows.

Makeup Don’t: Be Afraid to

Experiment similar to we have a tendency to experiment with orange lips and wet skin, experiment along with your eye makeup appearance — and glasses. It’s apprehensible to own a typical try of glasses that matches everything, however keep a fun try for days once you need a totally different look. White frames seem radical fashionable with brilliantly coloured eye makeup associate degreed an exaggerated cat eye.

Makeup Do:

Enhance Your options usually we have a tendency to treat makeup as a method of covering up, instead of delivery out. (Hey, it is not the correct angle to possess, however it happens.) Use your glasses to boost the options you prefer, to not conceal your face. for instance, this model’s navy frames bring out her blue eyes. and therefore the sleek, wider frames highlight high cheekbones. generally the simplest makeup for glasses area unit your glasses (who knew?).



Makeup Do:

create Your Own Rules If you would like to wear a daring pink lip to match your daring pink frames, go for it. simply hump confidently like Refinery29 beginner Christene Barberich.


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